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Surly Furious
Produced by Surly Brewing Company
6.0% abv

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Item Reviews

Tim said:
"This is a really great brew if you like flavorful hoppy beers. It has a very robust and mouth watering taste that makes you want more after every drink. I would recommend having it out of a chilled pint glass. However, it tastes great out the can too. Enjoy!"

Flag review | Jan 7, 2008

Todd said:
"Well ok, it's from Brooklyn Center MN, but wow. For a domestic brew this is the best thing I've ever had. Hoppy goodness in a can, great for having on its own to enjoy all the rich flavors inside. It's ok with a good burger but better for a treat after the meal and into the night."

Flag review | Dec 7, 2007

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